Say Hello New Vendors: Soul Brew Kombucha & Plan Bee Honey

Though we are closing in on the end of the 2021 market season, it’s a great moment to acknowledge and show love for some of the South Shore Farmers’ Market’s newest vendors. In 2021, we welcomed five new vendors: Centgraf Farms, Plan Bee Honey, Rise & Grind Coffee, Soul Brew Kombucha and Stamper Cheese. Recently,Continue reading “Say Hello New Vendors: Soul Brew Kombucha & Plan Bee Honey”

I love Bay View, and now I know even more about it!

This past weekend was FULL for myself, my husband, and my father who was visiting from out of town. His visits always prompt us to do things we’ve never done in Milwaukee (we have only been here a year and a half). We had an amazing dinner at Braise, pork fat budino… what!?! We wentContinue reading “I love Bay View, and now I know even more about it!”

Mandolin music brought me back to life.

Well, I have been very busy. From mid July to early August I have been traveling, hosting guests, and starting a new job. It has been marvelous, but it also means I’ve missed a few SSFM’s and a few blog postings. This is a little snippet of the July 27th market, and I’ll post anotherContinue reading “Mandolin music brought me back to life.”

Would you like powdered sugar on that?

When we arrived to the farmers market this morning we were FAMISHED!!! Perhaps it was the warm weather, or rather the bike ride to the market since the weather was finally good enough. Either way, ice coffee from Anodyne and a crepe was just what the doctor ordered. Believe it or not, this was ourContinue reading “Would you like powdered sugar on that?”

A White Mulberry?!?

Well, I wish I could start this blog without mentioning the sprit it takes to overcome the dreary and cold rain, but it looks like we’ll just have to hope for more inviting weather next week. As per usual, the market was bustling this morning despite the weather, and we had a jolly good time.Continue reading “A White Mulberry?!?”