Would you like powdered sugar on that?

When we arrived to the farmers market this morning we were FAMISHED!!! Perhaps it was the warm weather, or rather the bike ride to the market since the weather was finally good enough. Either way, ice coffee from Anodyne and a crepe was just what the doctor ordered. Believe it or not, this was our first time to La Creperie! It was fascinating to watch the process, especially the use of the crepe rake. We ordered one apricot jam and when asked “Would you like powdered sugar on that?” we thankfully paused, for the response was fantastic, “You gotta have powdered sugar, it’s what makes it low cal.” Though our crepe was amazing, it didn’t quite fill us up, so we trotted over to Ney’s for a sausage, egg and cheese sandwhich. Mmmm… Fitting that our morning was so centered on eating at the market because a reporter from the Journal Sentinel was roaming about doing research for an article about prepared food vendor culture at farmers markets.





To fill our fridge, we purchased a bunch of onions, crimini mushrooms, strawberries, spinach, and eggs. We also stopped by the Clock Shadow Creamery booth and tried the ricotta and the quark. Quark is a german cultured cheese with a unique punch of flavor, and these urban cheese mongers take it a step farther by providing many flavored varieties, as well as a website page full of quark recipes. If you haven’t stopped by their cheese factory in Walker’s Point, I highly recommend it. Not only can you indulge in a scoop of Purple Door Ice Cream, but you can also check out the innovative Clock Shadow Building.


This morning we also bought and got a lesson in beeswax. Jim is a wealth of knowledge and is always ready to share. He sells cappings beeswax, which is produced by the bees from ingested honey, it takes 10 lbs of honey to produce 1 lb of wax. There are endless uses, fixing a squeaky door, cooking, I’ve always seen it used by bookbinders to wax their string. Beeswax has an indefinite shelf life, according to Jim, bees vacuum seal their honeycombs with cappings wax, and if you found it one hundred years later, you could open it and eat the honey with no processing. An amazing product well worth researching.


And without further ado, here is our choice for ‘DOG OF THE WEEK


A Siberian Husky named Ramone (who was also there with a dog companion, another Siberian named Ziggy). According to their dog mom and dad who have had Siberians for 30 years, they are a difficult breed. Because they are do-ers you must give them something to do or else they’ll find something to do, but they are also very fun and loving. 

There will be no farmers market next week, but you can still stop by to see the ‘South Shore Frolics and Parade.’ Till next time!

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