2020 Vendor List:

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.    414 276-8081      Anodyne at the SSFM will satisfy your morning coffee needs. We have freshly brewed hot and iced coffee, Iced Tea and lemon aide to get your shopping spree off to a great start!

Brew City Booch Kombucha   262-339-7791    Brew City Booch provides Kombucha tea, a raw, living beverage that is rich with natural cultures and probiotics, in a variety of flavors.  Each batch is locally crafted and no two brews are alike.  Cheers to a different kind of brew!

Brightonwoods Orchard  262 878-3000   WIC vendor        Brightonwoods Orchard is located in northwestern Kenosha County offering over 150 heirloom and commercial apple varieties. Enjoy the beautiful rural location and include a visit to the on-site AEppelTreow Winery and Distillery.

Chang & Xiong Farmer Market   414 678-8153    WIC vendor

Clock Shadow Creamery 414 273-9711

Door County Fruit Markets          920 4938379        WIC vendor        Here at the Door County Fruit Market we grow: sweet and tart cherries, peaches, raspberries, currants, grapes, apricots, plums, pears and apples. We hope you love eating our fruit as much as we love growing it

Drewry Farms, Inc.          920 838-1101      With over a 150 years of continual ownership, Drewry Farm Maple Syrup is a family owned Maple Syrup producer who supplies South Shore Market with Pure Maple Syrup, Sorghums and Maple Carmel Corn.

East Side Ovens      414 369-1249      East Side Ovens is a local bakery that has been making delicious vegan baked goods for almost 25 years. Our specialties include from scratch fruit dumplings, pies, cakes, and cupcakes. 414 369 1249 Open at 5430 S Packard Ave. Cudahy Mon-Fri 6:30a until 2:30 pm, Sat & Sun 8am – Noon.

Ernie’s Kettle Korn         608 873-6826

Flower Petals Farm        414 517-5161      WIC vendor   On Facebook and YouTube as Flower Petals Farm.  Pre-orders are available to help make our market fast, easy, and safe.  Go to Flower Petals Farm

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls  (414) 732-1531    Funky Fresh Spring Rolls are uniquely flavored, hand rolled, and made with fresh and local ingredients.  When sold hot they are grilled, NEVER deep fried, to give you a healthier option to a traditionally “greasy” favorite. On Facebook and Instagram as Funky Fresh Spring Rolls    Pre-orders are available to help make our market fast, easy, and safe.  Contact Trueman at

Hack Farms         262 994-7844      WIC vendor        Our goal at Thomas Hack Farms is to provide you with healthy varieties of high-quality produce so flavorful that you and your family will eat more vegetables than you ever imagined. We are proud of our selection of organic peppers, purple potatoes, hard and soft neck garlics, Korean melons, and strawberries picked at the perfect times.  Pre-orders are available to help make our market fast, easy, and safe. Contact Gail at or by calling 262-994-7844.

Happy Dough Lucky        414 687-5365      Visit our booth on the south end across from pavilion. Offering hot & fresh mini-donuts made to order and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Junior’s Smoked BBQ/Junior’s Veggie Soul  414-699-7482  Vegetarian and vegan where you can go big on flavor without compromising on health.  On Facebook as Junior’s Smoked BBQ.

Lopez Bakery     414 745-0874

LotFotL Community Farm             920 318-3800      WIC vendor        LotFotL Community Farm grows and provides delicious certified organic vegetables for our South Shore farmers’ market stand. In addition we host a happy bee sanctuary that provides honey for our raw unfiltered honey and our magical herbal infused honeys sold at the market stand. W7036 Quinney Rd. Elkhorn, WI. 262-951-0794.   Online pre-orders are available to help make our market fast, easy, and safe. Go to  

Lush Popcorn

Madam J’s Jams & Jellies    414 453-5705

Mai Lee’s Market     414 364-0966      WIC vendor        We are a small family business that offers and produces fresh vegetables and cut flowers to our customers.

Mama’s Distribution, LLC  414-377-9743
On Facebook as Mama’s Distribution. We offer freshly made Raviolis, Caramelized Onion Focaccia, Fresh Ricotta, Salad Dressings & Marinades including Blood Orange, MeyerLemon, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Zesty French, and Mission Fig & Gorgonzola, Fresh Tiramisu, and Fresh Lasagna.  Offering weekly prepared specials.  All natural flavors with no artificial preservatives.

Ney’s Big Sky, LLC        414 254-2664      Our family farm business was started in 1965 and it is a Century Farm located in Manitowoc, WI.  We set our organic standards for all natural, pastured free range beef, pork and chicken which are WI sourced and processed.  We are ABF and gmo free.

Norm’s Poultry  262 498-2454

Oly’s Oats     414 803-8182   Check out Oly’s oats, granola and baking mixes!  Plenty to choose from for our gluten-free friends!  Try our collodial oatmeal bath additive to sooth dry or itchy skin.  Locally sourced and milled in Wisconsin for the best quality and flavor!  For an article about our oats, go

Pao Garden      262 384-9115      WIC vendor

Pete’s Pops        314 402-6105      Pete’s Pops offers fresh fruit and cream popsicles in super interesting flavor combinations. Locally sourced whenever possible and locally produced 100% of the time.

Press. Handcrafted Waffles       262 498-1891      Press. serves authentic Belgian Liège waffles which are handmade from a traditional brioche-based dough and contain Belgian pearl sugar that caramelizes during the cooking process. A dusting of powdered sugar or one of our delicate house-made toppings makes the perfect pairing.

Rise & Grind  

River Valley Ranch     262 539-3555     Offering fresh mushrooms and value added products from our farm kitchen.  On Facebook and at

Rocket Baby Bakery      414 502-7323   Since 2012, Rocket Baby Bakery has been crafting artisan breads and pastries. We believe that to make the best goods you have to go slow and use simple high quality ingredients – there are no short cuts! We offer naturally leavened sourdough breads, beautiful baguettes, delightful danishes, and flakey croissants all baked daily from scratch. Additionally in our cafe we serve sandwiches, soups, salads, pizza and coffee drinks. 6822 W. North Ave. in Wauwatosa.

Sunflower Ridge Farm  414 595-5069     WIC vendor

Thao Garden        414 839-3313      WIC vendor

The National Café      414 431-6551      The National Cafe offers their uber popular Ultimate Breakfast Sandwiches, assorted bakery, chia pudding, ginger yogurt granola parfaits, Thai iced coffee, lemonade, hot coffee, iced coffee, and water.  The cafe is located at 839 West National Ave., Milwaukee.

The Soup Market       414 727-8462      The Soup Market, which started in 2004, sells over 175 different made from scratch, soups, stews and chilis on a rotating basis. We offer a wide variety to please most customers, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free. Pre-orders are available to help make our market fast, easy, and safe. Text your order to 414-732-7978.

TK Produce  414 530-9838     WIC vendor

Urbal Tea  (occasional daily vendor)     414 916-5088      We are a local Milwaukee herbal tea business. We focus on health and wellness. We source as many local herbs as we can to create the highest quality freshly dried organic herbal teas.

Wild Flour Bakery     414 831-1692

Xiong Family Market   414 336-2449   WIC vendor

Xiong Vegetables      414 208-5932      WIC vendor

Xiong Produce and Flowers         414 793-1851      We offer Seasonal Produce and Fresh Cut Flower Bouquets.  Beginning August 1st we will accept pre-orders over the phone for our bouquets.

*New in 2020: Special guidelines and options for market transactions, FoodShare benefits, and additional safety measures. LEARN MORE


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