Delightful all the same.

Even though we all woke up to a rainy morning last Saturday, the market was still a success. Our neighborhood is most certainly dedicated to good food. I arrived promptly at 8:00am, and could only stay a little while, as my dear friend and I were about to embark on a road trip to visit my parents in Kentucky.


My visiting, trip-accompanying friend lives outside of Madison and frequents the famous Dane County Farmers’ Market with her organic farmer boyfriend who is a vendor there. She gave me fresh eyes at our market and honed in on several produce items that she thought were particularly interesting and well presented including: baby beets, the ‘Mushroom Medley’ bag, and natural insect repellant from St. Ann’s Center.


We ended up buying (and can highly recommend) a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich at Ney’s Big Sky, asparagus, rhubarb (displayed on a flamingo table cloth that I absolutely adored), crimini mushrooms from River Valley Kitchens, green tea bubble tea and banana rangoon’s from Cafe Lolo, and sugar snap peas as a road trip snack (so much better than nasty ol’ french fries don’t you agree?).


Last but not least we found two popular and adorable puppies who were a natural choice for



The three photos are necessary to really capture how squirmy these little week-old Yorkie siblings Lola and Hunter really are. Best of luck to their new mom, who literally couldn’t take a step without being surrounded by leashes and stopped by adoring fans.

See you next week!

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