SSFM Volunteers Needed

Market welcomes FoodShare

Market organizers announced that this year for the first time since its launch in 1998, SSFM will accept payments made with FoodShare benefits, Wisconsin’s version of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The market is partnering with the Bay View Community Center (BVCC) to institute the program.

How it works

Because many vendors don’t have the technology at their booth to process the card, SSFM will exchange FoodShare benefits for tokens. Customers will use their tokens to purchase eligible food items. Mike Mortell, president and CEO of the Bay View Community Center said that other Milwaukee markets, including Fondy, use the token system. “It’s really great for community members who use FoodShare,” he said, noting they will have access to fresh food which will provide more customers for the market’s farmers, especially beneficial during the economic duress of the pandemic.

Additionally, another set of tokens will be available for customers who want to use a credit or debit card at the market. These non-Quest-based tokens can be used to purchase any market item and will be offered as a convenience for customers who who don’t want to use cash, Mortell said.

BVCC is seeking volunteers to assist with the token exchange each Saturday at the market. Mortell said he hopes a number of people will participate so the same volunteers “hopefully would not have to be at the market every Saturday.”

To learn more about volunteering or the exchange process see below, or contact BVCC,

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