Just real quick…

This past week has been crunch time, so I’ll post more soon about out delightful interaction with Cowboy Kettle Corn and Herrin Veggie’s, but for now just two quick things from last weeks market.

Nasturtiums in the lettuce mix at LOTFOTL…




… and the August 17, 2013 DOG OF THE WEEK!




Meet Toby, we’ve had our eye on him for a couple of weeks, always hanging out at Drewery Farms with the Maple Syrup, but the timing had never been right. This cute little pup is a pekingese/beagle mix or “peagle.” He was picked up at the animal shelter, and is very loving, but a bit weary of being pet by strangers, as we experienced. However, he was warming up to us by the end of our lovely conversation with his mom and dad who say that SSFM has been good therapy and has done wonders for his social skills.

See you tomorrow!

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