Every Saturday – June 15th – October 26th – 8AM to Noon – South Shore Park – 2900 South Shore Dr

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I was just looking up the stats on the SSFM’s first month on Facebook, and it’s pretty awesome!


Check out the infographic…

See you tomorrow at the market!


…with cold Borscht and some vodka in our lemonades.

What cool summer recipes are you making with your SSFM goods?

Special thanks to the farmers of the SSFM who provided the ingredients! Chia Xiong, LotFotL, Mai Lee Lee, Doug Ney, and all the rest.


We wrapped up another great market. Perfect weather, great food, and some great old-timey jazz courtesy of the Sammy Armato Trio (click link for video of Sammy at the market)!

Well, we just kicked off our first market of the year and it was a HUGE success!

Thank you to all of our neighbors and friends for coming out to support Wisconsin Farmers and local food-businesses at the market.

If you have pictures, recipes, or market stories that you’d like to share, please feel free to post them to our brand new OFFICIAL Facebook page!

Apple/Whiskey Glazed Duck, originally uploaded by _Adam H.

Another execution of farmers market goodness. The duck was from Norm Steppin, beans from Tang Yang Xiong, and multicolored potatoes from who-knows-where…

Whatever was left is being reduced right now into duck stock for future flavor enhancing.

Thanks again SSFM!

Tomatomadness, originally uploaded by _Adam H.

After 5 hours of canning, I have 12 huge quarts (384 ounces) of delicious tomatoes from Phil Herrin’s farm ready for winter and I still have at least 20 lbs left.

Two questions:
1). Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do with them?
2). Failing #1, Does anyone want up to 20 lbs of fresh, local tomatoes?

_MG_9787.jpg, originally uploaded by _Adam H.

Mr. Xiong has been farming for nearly 20 years in Wisconsin. His care for his family, land and community is evident in all he does. Chia shared a home cooked meal with me in the middle of the fields before touring his land on the day I dropped by.

Working six days a week farming with his sister, brothers-in-law, uncles, and nephews, Mr.Xiong supplies several Asian restaurants and brings his delicious food to several farmers markets in the area in addition to the SSFM. Chia tells me that at the end of the week, whatever he isn’t able to sell is donated to his local church.

Stop by the market to show Mr. Xiong your support, and let him know how much all of his hard work in our community is appreciated!

See you at the market!