2900 South Shore Drive – 2017 Season June 17th – October 14th, 8AM to Noon (no market July 15th)

Anodyne Coffee

Aunt Frannie’s Sweets

Barnard (Orchard)

Batabee Apiaries (Honey)

Beechwood Cheese

Brightonwoods Orchards

Charlie Thao (Produce)

Chia Xiong (Produce)

Countryside Orchards

Cowboy Kettle Corn

Charlie Thao (Produce)

Drewry Farms (maple syrup)

East Side Ovens

Flower Petals Farm

Fong Chang (Produce)

Hack Farms (Produce)

Heritage Flower Farm

Herrin Farms (Produce)

Ka Pa Lor (Produce)

Kou Lor (Produce)

La Creperie

Lopez Bakery

LOTFOTL (Produce)

Madame J’s Jams and Jellies

Mai Chee Xiong (Produce)

Mai Lee Lee (Spring Rolls and Bubble Tea)

Norm’s Poultry

The National Cafe

Nye’s Big Sky (Meats)

Oly’s Oats (Raw oats and grains)

Pinehold Gardens (Produce)

Preuss Farms (Produce)

River Valley Kitchens (mushrooms)

Sasha’s Salad Dressings

Saxon Homestead Creamery (Artisan Cheese)

the Soup Market

St. Ann’s Center

Sven’s Coffee


Tang Yang Xiong (KA Xiong) (Produce)

Tong Lo (Produce)

Wild Flour Bakery

Willoway Farm

Yerke Greenhouse

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