COVID-19 Guidelines Update

Update as of May 2021:

  • MASKS are required by staff and vendors — we ask guests to wear yours too.
  • MAINTAIN 6′ from vendor tables and others in line, including secondary lines.
  • USE MARKED LANES while waiting for your turn.
  • Picnicking within market boundaries is discouraged, but tables and alternative locations are available to the south and east of the market in South Shore Park.
  • Pets kept on a short lead and out of lanes of traffic will be allowed within market boundaries. Pets/owners may be asked to move outside of market if safety is a concern.
  • Individuals and families are welcome. Please respect social distancing.

Update as of September 2020:

We have enjoyed successful market, but will continue to ask that you work to diligently to keep it a safe space for everyone. SSFM Committee would like to reiterate the following rules:

  • NO Pets within market boundaries
  • NO Picnicking within market boundaries
  • ONE person per household, please also make an effort not to cluster in groups
  • MASKS are required by staff and vendors — we ask guests to wear yours too
  • MOVE CLOCKWISE, follow directional arrows
  • MAINTAIN 6′ from vendor tables and others
  • USE MARKED LANES while waiting for your turn

Update as of June 2020 :

Our first priority will be the safety and health of SSFM customers, vendors and staff. To achieve this, the Market experience will necessarily be more about shopping than socializing. With the proper precautions we believe our farmers’ market can be safer than shopping in a conventional grocery store while providing the freshest most nutrient- rich foods available.

The situation remains fluid. These protocols and procedures are being developed and may change. Please continue to stay informed here, on our website and through other local media. Although this may not be the Market experience we might wish it to be, we are excited to start our 22nd season in Bay View and look forward to seeing you at the Market – however briefly – each week through the end of October.

General Market Changes:

• Additional staff
• Smaller vendor booths
• No entertainment
• No restroom availability. Currently Milwaukee County is required to keep the restrooms locked, so plan accordingly.

Customer Guidelines:

In an effort to comply with safety guidelines, the market committee is hiring two additional market staff members to manage compliance requirements among vendors, customers, and volunteers. Customers are asked to follow the following compliance requirements:

• One person per household attend the market, please.

• No picnic tables provided as in prior years.

• All prepared food purchased at the market must be taken home and not eaten on site.

Dogs will be prohibited.

• The 2020 market will operate by the motto: “We wear a mask for you and ask that you wear one too.” To carry this out, all vendors, staff, and volunteers will be required to wear masks to promote safety. All attendees are asked to wear a mask out of respect for the farmers and food producers.

• Customers will be required to practice physical distancing, whether walking through the market or while waiting in line at a vendor’s booth. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided within the market, and customers will be asked to be diligent in frequently cleaning their hands.

• Customers will not be allowed to touch any product before it is purchased. The vendor will place purchases in a single-use bag and will not be allowed to use any bag a customer brings to the market.

• SSFM organizers ask that customers limit browsing time and use the market as a product pick-up destination when possible. Customers are encouraged to limit their time at the market by pre-ordering as much as possible with those vendors providing that option. 2020 Vendor List

• If a customer—or anyone in their household—is not feeling well, SSFM organizes ask that they please stay home. COVID-19 safety guidelines recommend that customers who have been sick must be free of fever for at least 72 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medication), have improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath), and that at least seven days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

Vendor Guidelines

• All vendors must operate 15 feet apart from one another and are required to wear face masks.

• All vendors and their employees who are ill are not allowed at the market. To screen for illness, vendors, volunteers, and staff will complete a weekly self-assessment checklist provided by Milwaukee County.

• At least two vendor employees must be at each vendor table, with one handling money and another handling produce or prepared food.

• Vendors must use barrier tables—an extra thee-foot-wide table that will be set up between the customer and the product.

• Customers should plan to put a cash payment on the barrier table and let the vendor pick it up. This limits the contact of the farm staff to prevent any possible transmission from or to customers.

• Only the vendor or their employee may handle the product before a purchase is completed.

• Single-use bags will be packed by the vendor.

• Vendors are required to clean/sanitize/disinfect surfaces including tables and tablecloths before the market opens.

• Vendors are required to regularly use hand sanitizer and single-use gloves where needed.

• Providing samples will not allowed.

• All prepared foods must be sold in “to-go” packaging.

Market welcomes FoodShare

Market organizers announced that this year for the first time since its launch in 1998, SSFM will accept payments made with FoodShare benefits, Wisconsin’s version of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The market is partnering with the Bay View Community Center (BVCC) to institute the program.

How it works:

Because many vendors don’t have the technology at their booth to process the card, SSFM will exchange FoodShare benefits for tokens. Customers will use their tokens to purchase eligible food items available through the Bay View Community Center.

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